Project Make

2017 - Present

An online platform and collective creating high quality educational design content for teachers and students alike

My Role

Founder, branding, web design, development, copywriting


Demelza Round - Founder, owner, educator

Cactuslab - Backend, frontend development

Project Make is an online platform and collective of educators, makers, students and creative professionals. The project was born in 2017 when Demelza Round wanted to create a resource for teachers that combined her experience from over 10 years in the profession. The content on the site comprises short and long courses in various design disciplines and practical skills, written by our network of collaborators with the New Zealand curriculum in mind. Among other things the site also supports events, blog posts and payments.

A close friend of mine, Demelza asked me to take on the branding, and the website quickly evolved into the basis of my graduation project at university.

Since then, in my graduate role at Auckland web development company Cactuslab, work has continued alongside our front- and back-end developers on the more technically challenging aspects of the site. The full site is scheduled for release in the next few months.